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Enabling iPhone To Read Text to You with the Help of Speak Screen in iOS

There is a lot of content that you may have to read on your iPhone screen. In this scenario, you might be wishing for the iPhone to read things for you. Good news is that you can make your iPhone read things for you with the help of a special feature in iOS known as Speak Screen. So, whether you have a web article, an email or any other text that you want your device to read for you, you can use this feature. The best thing here is that you can listen to what you need to know while not getting other stuff out of your sight.

In iOS settings, Speak Screen is a part of Accessibility section. If you want to use this feature, you will have to make sure that you have enabled it. Once activated, you can use just a gesture to make it read things for you.

Turning Speak Screen on

1. First you need to open the settings app

2. Go to General > Accessibility

3. Tap on Speech

4. Find Speak Screen setting and turn it on

5. Exit the settings

Using Speak Screen

After you have turned the feature on, iPhone will then be able to read the content on the screen for you. To make the phone read, you will need to use 2 fingers to swipe down from the top of the phone’s screen.

This way, you will see the Speak Screen controls appeared. The phone will start reading content to you. If the phone is unable to find anything readable, it will say that there is no readable content on the screen.

While the phone reads the content, you can make use of the control panel to make adjustments. The controls include:

  • < button: Minimize the control panel
  • X button: Close the control panel
  • Turtle button: Slow down the reading speed
  • Rewind button
  • Pause/Play button
  • Fast-forward button
  • Rabbit button: Speed up the reading speed

When to use the feature?

You can use this feature anytime you have content you want your phone to read to you. If you are using it to read the articles, it will start reading for the header and will continues reading through the body and will end at the footer.

Busting the iPhone 2019 Rumors

People want to know what tech gadgets are going to offer them every year. And since Apple fans are quite enthusiastic about the Apple products, they like to hear positive things about it. Now the problem is that they tend to believe the rumors which, later on, turn out to be false; and they get disappointed of course. Some of the rumors sound so real that even the tech savvy people start believing those rumors.

So, what to do in this scenario? Surely people need information. And the best way is to provide them the right information. In this article, we are going to discuss some top rumors about the iPhone in 2019.

Two-way wireless charging and a bigger battery

According to Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhone is expected to support two way charging. It means that you will be able to use your iPhone to charge other devices such as Airpods with wireless charging case. The encased earbuds can be used in the iPhone and the iPhone will charge the Airpod.

To make it happen, Apple will have to incorporate bigger batteries in the iPhones. The successor to iPhone XS will use 25% bigger battery while the successor to iPhone XS Max is going to use 15% bigger battery. The battery to be used in the iPhone XR is going to be 5% bigger.

It would be worth mentioning here that android phones with two-way wireless charging are already in the market. With this technology already in the market, it doesn’t seem far-fetched for the Apple to use this technology in the future.

Three Cameras for iPhone

In the start of this year, an idea was introduced regarding three cameras on the rear of iPhone. The proposed unit had three cameras and a bigger flash light on the back. It’s something that Apple would never go for at that point and, so, the Apple fans rejected this idea out rightly.

Even though an iPhone with 3-lens in the rear doesn’t seem like a viable concept right now, this concept may seem applicable in the future. Apple is paying attention to high-class photography with the help of the cameras which can provide appropriate optical zooming. And since the idea of dual lens has been working well in the previous models and iPhone XS series, the idea of 3 lenses in the rear doesn’t seem like an inapplicable option for the future models.

A13 processor

In a report published by DigiTimes, it was stated that iPhone is going to have a processor dubbed as ‘A13’ in 2019. It is going to be a 7-nanometer CPU and it will be produced by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

The report by Bloomberg stated in May that the TSMC has started test production of the chip and, so, the full production can be considered imminent.

Now, it is worth mentioning that DigiTimes reports have not always been reliable in the past. However, this news doesn’t seem illogical. A12 Bionic processor is a 7nm chip. And so, the reports about A13 to have the same lithography can be legit.